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Certified Flight Instructor (CFII)

CFII Available for Instrument training in a Redbird  Advanced Aviation Training Device.

$130/hour with Instructor.

Why use a simulator for flight training?

Flight training in a simulator has several advantages:

  • Costs about HALF what an aircraft rental costs hour for hour!
  • Safer training environment.
  • Procedures may be repeated much more quickly.  More repetition = better learning!
  • Train when the weather outside is below minimums or hazardous.
  • Change airports instantly for wider experience.
  • Many abnormal/emergency situtions  can be practiced that are not as realistic in a real airplane.
  • Practice of flows, checklists, and procedures without the cost of renting an aircraft.

flight simuator instrument rating instrument flight training simulator

Simulated Instrument training for private, instrument, commercial, and ATP ratings.

  • 2.5 hours toward Private Pilot certificate
  • Up to 20 hours toward an Instrument rating.
  • Up tp 50 hours toward Commercial rating.  (Save over $4200 on your commercial rating!)
  • Up to 25 hours toward ATP.
  • Instrument currency may be accomplished in an ATD.
  • Most of an IPC may be done in an AATD.  (Excluding circle to land approach and a landing)

Our Mission

To provide high quality instrument simulator training for aspiring Private, Instrument, and commercial pilots.

Some of Our Services:

Get IFR Current! $259

Contact me BEFORE your 6 month grace period expires and we can get you IFR current in 2 hours of sim time!  Save $170 over renting an aircraft!

Together we will do 6 approaches, course and nav aid tracking, holding procedures and more!  (This is NOT an IPC!) 

20-Hour IFR Package $2600

Get the first 20 hours of your Instrument rating in an the AATD!  Save $1700 on your instrument rating by starting out in an AATD.  Get the most experience possible, in the shortest amount of time.

10-Hour Instrument Training Package $1300

Don't want to take advantage of the whole 20 hours the FAA allows?  Our 10 hour package will get you well on your way.  Save $850 over doing 10 hours in an aircraft!

2.5-Hour Private Pilot Package $325

Get 2.5 hours of FAA required instrument time toward your private pilot certificate, and save over $220!

Instrument Proficiency Checks

If you go past your 6 month IFR currency grace period you are required to complete an Instrument Proficiency Check before you may act as PIC in instrument flight conditions.

Making sure a pilot is proficient raises the bar by design and is necessary for everyone's safety!  As such, each individual will perform at a different level and pace.  Because of this I can't really offer a package price.  But I can tell you that every hour you spend with me will save you roughly HALF in aircraft rental costs!  And we can do SOOOO much more.

Also, it must be noted that an IPC cannot be totally completed in an ATD.  You will still have to go out in a real airplane and conduct a circling approach and a landing to complete the IPC.  An IPC in the AATD will cost $130 an hour for dual instruction.  

Up for a Challange?

Want to shoot multiple approaches to minimums into JFK at night,  partial panel, with carb and wing ice?  Nearly any scenario you can come up with can conceivably be simulated in the AATD.  $130 an hour WITH instructor.

Your Instructor:

Randall DeWitt, MAS, ATP, CFII, AGI

  • Nearly 30 years of flying experience, 20 years as an Instructor!
  • Master of Aviation Science degree, Everglades University.
  • Airline Transport Pilot, Airplane, Multi-engine Land
  • Commercial Pilot, Airplane Multi/Single Engine Land
  • Commercial Pilot, Rotorcraft
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane, Multi and Single Engine, Land
  • Certified Flight Instructor, Rotorcraft, Helicopter
  • Advanced Ground Instructor
  • Type Ratings:  B747-400, ATR 42/72, F27.

A few words...

There are many flight instructors who can competently give you the instruction you need.  But many lack significant real world flying experience.  I offer decades of teaching experience with over 8000 hours of real world (And I mean WORLD!) flying experience.  Being dual rated in airplanes and helicopters offers a unique perspective on flying and instructing.

Also, I'm already at my airline job. So I'm not going anywhere.  My priority is not building time but rather providing high quality aviation instruction.

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